A Strong Debut

By: Ricahrd B. Knight Published On: August 2nd, 2015

In Greek mythology, Orpheus took a trip to the underworld to save his true love. The heroine of Rich Knight’s novel, “The Darkness of the Womb” takes a similar journey into the subconscious of her unborn child. Fans of the horror genre will find plenty to like here.

Some of the scenarios are genuinely scary. But even as only an occasional horror reader, I found enough plot twists and realistic human detail in Knight’s story to hold my attention. His book could be read as a metaphor for all the convoluted emotional steps experienced by expecting parents. My main criticism of the novel is that Knight takes the time to explain everything that is happening in his story which interfered with my sense of wonder. A writing instructor once wrote on one of my papers, “Show me, don’t tell me.” That would be my advice to Knight. Otherwise, “The Darkness of the Womb.” created a creepy, fascinating world. It is a strong debut.

By: Blueshound2000

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